Conference & Event Management in Cheltenham

Phoenix Corporate has over a 10 years experience of delivering management solutions for conferences and events in the Cheltenham area.

Phoenix can guarantee the seamless coordination of your special event as well as designing bespoke creative themes to make it a memorable one. We can do everything from finding a Cheltenham venue to host the event, constructing the stage sets and arranging the lighting sequences, to distributing promotional packs and publishing a review once the event is over.

Our involvement can be as comprehensive as you need it to be.

Phoenix Corporate is expert in organising a huge variety of different events in Cheltenham including

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Gala Dinners

Presentation Equipment For Cheltenham Events

We carry a wide range of superb presentation equipment that is both hired out independently and utilised for your Cheltenham event. What's more, at Phoenix we are constantly updating and investing in our equipment, in addition to employing a team of in house technical experts to ensure that everything is always in perfect working order.

As well as expert care, our Cheltenham customers enjoy the benefit of our professional advice when it comes to choosing the most suitable audio visual equipment for their design.

Thus we can guarantee that, from the most cutting edge sound system to a straightforward projector screen, you can rely on Phoenix Corporate for the best and most cost effective technical solutions to lend real sophistication to your special event.

Sales Conferences In Cheltenham

If you are planning a sales conference in Cheltenham you will be pleased you know that Phoenix Corporate has extensive experience in managing this kind of event and has been responsible for many highly successful sales conferences.

Cheltenham Based Exhibitions & Partner Villages

Phoenix Corporate has considerable experience in arranging conference exhibitions and partner villages and we know how to maximise your investment whichever end of the scale we're working at. What's more we can help obtain extra revenue from your business partners to assist with your Cheltenham event budget.

Cheltenham Conference Video Production

Phoenix Corporate has an extensive range of conference video equipment, available for hire for Cheltenham events and for integration into one of our bespoke event packages. Filming the conference is a highly effective way of extending its scope, but our film services can do much more for your business.

We have considerable expertise in devising the most persuasive and professional vehicle for our clients' messages or products. Offering the services of professional directors and experienced crews at Phoenix we have used film and video to illustrate client and customer case studies as part of the event itself, and as part of the audio visual event.

Cheltenham Conference Stage Sets

Our conference stage sets are both imaginatively realised and solidly constructed. We maintain a vast stock of superior quality mobile aluminium staging and gantry systems that may be hired out for Cheltenham based events and incorporated into one of our event packages.