Inflatable Stage Covers

Protect your event from the elements!

Offering an impressive sight and weather protection for products, equipment and performers alike, inflatable stage coverings and structures are extremely portable and quick to set up, requiring no special venue access or preparation.

Suitable for outdoor concerts, shows and product demonstrations, these are of particular use for events held at temporary show grounds such as country shows and festivals, where rough ground and uneven surfaces would be otherwise difficult to work with.

No overhead frame structure and a wind-resistant aerodymanic design make this the safest (all-weather) option for your exterior event.

Setting up our stage covers takes less than 30 minutes - much less time than a traditional steel roof structure. Since the entire arch assembly can be deflated to a small size, transportation costs are also dramatically reduced over comparable scaffolding options, allowing us to deploy an inflatable stage cover to any event location without special access considerations.


Inflatable Stage Cover


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