What We Do

What We Do

Complete Event Staging & Production

Our expertise ranges from budgeting and venue selection to design and full technical staging and support. With a large in house stock of equipment, stock or bespoke designed sets we can offer a number of different services which allow you to choose just how involved you want us to be.

Over the past 20 years, we've provided an extensive range of event staging services to a wide variety of clients - both large and small. Our technical expertise allows us to handle various types of event; from small meetings to large conferences, to fashion shows and product launches. Regardless of the nature of your event, we will handle it with passion and professionalism.


Whatever the format or size of your meeting, it's important to have the correct support throughout. Ensuring it's a success and your messages are delivered in a memorable way, is just a small part of our business. Delegate participation and involvement will make your meeting one to be remembered.Case Study & Client Comments


If the logistics of organising a conference or putting together a presentation have you reaching for the panic button - you've hit the right one! Phoenix Corporate has over a decade's worth of experience in staging and producing conferences throughout the UK and Europe.Case Studies & Client Comments

Fashion Shows

We have a vast stock of equipment including aluminium stage deck - ideal for catwalks, with a huge range of coverings and backdrops. Our in-house open white light highlights models and clothing, whilst our LED and moving head lighting provide a dramatic after-show party atmosphere.Event Gallery

Car Launches

Phoenix provides several set packages specifically designed for car launches, to enable manufacturers and dealerships to cost-effectively transform their show rooms when launching a vehicle. Our packages include staging, under-lighting, haze machines, aluminium goalpost structure, draping and lighting.Event Gallery

Product Launches

From hi-tech reveals incorporating electronics, pyrotechnics, special effects, moving lighting and self-supporting drape systems to more formal product presentations which educate their audiences - Phoenix has the know-how and equipment to launch your product!Event Gallery

Road Shows

Phoenix has great experience in the production of roadshows; from modular exhibition stands touring shopping centres for promotional and advertising purposes to conference roadshows. Our services include planning, design, build, graphic production, logistics, operation and technical support.Event Gallery


Phoenix has 15 years experience in building bespoke designed, custom built exhibition stands for clients such as Verizon, Cabot and Clarity. We provide exhibition stands from the simple and functional to double-decker stands kitted out with the latest in LED lighting and audio visual technology.Event Gallery


From the glitz and the glamour of arrival to the staging and technical production required to run an event, Phoenix can take care of it all! We offer themed productions, video stings, graphic production, live camera relay and follow spots to 'carry' the award winner to stage; pyrotechnics, confetti, walk-up music, and entertainment.Event Gallery

Enhancing Your Event

Fire & Light ShowsVideos & More Information

From intimate street style solo shows, to fully choreographed group shows with pyrotechnic finales, we offer an array of options that will amaze audiences of all shapes and sizes. With over ten years experience performing around the globe and a flawless safety record, you can be sure you've hired the best. Click above for more information about our Fire & Light shows, or call us today to find out what we can add to your event.

Fire Show

Inflatable Stage CoveringsMore Information

Offering an impressive sight and weather protection for equipment and performers alike, inflatable stage coverings and structures are extremely portable and quick to set up, requiring no special venue access or preparation. These are of particular use for events held at temporary show grounds such as country shows and festivals, where rough ground and uneven surfaces would be otherwise difficult to work with. No overhead frame structure and a wind-resistant aerodymanic design make this the safest (all-weather) option.

  • Instant - Less than 30 minutes to install
  • Any Location - Rough or uneven surfaces
  • Clear Span - No intrusive eaves and supports
  • Safe - No heavy overhead frame structure
  • Aerodynamic - Main curved side allow less wind resistance
  • Low Cost - Reduced labour & transport costs
Inflatable Stage Coverings

Other EnhancementsContact Us For Information

Over almost 20 years of creating events for our clients, we have established partnerships with a wide variety of performance groups and specialist equipment/technology suppliers and operators, allowing us to offer truely enthralling and unique showpieces to enhance your event. We are always happy to make suggestions, or to dicsuss your specific requirements, so please get in touch.